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Glen Wakeman is a visionary entrepreneur and the co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He is accustomed to serving the needs of emerging business owners from a variety of angles. His company was founded as a vehicle to enable him to channel many years of experience and provide these insights and tips to new business leaders. He worked overseas for many years and integrated these experiences in different cultural settings into his current work as a mentor, writer, and CEO. With the insights gained from hands-on experience in raising capital and leading teams, he is in a unique position to pass on these tools to the next generation of leaders.


Glen Wakeman is also an accomplished writer who maintains an extensive social media presence. Outreach to the public allows him to build a personal rapport with prospective clients as well as obtain critical feedback. He publishes regularly in business journals and can be contacted for additional content. He enjoys writing extensively on various subjects related to business management, human capital, best practices and growth innovations (Medium).


Glen Wakeman, LaunchPad Holdings


LaunchPad Holdings is a unique business incubator that encourages clients to transform their business idea into a workable plan that can be executed and maintained over long periods of time. This reflects his understanding of what it takes to remain solvent in a competitive global marketplace. The main objective of this strategy is to reduce the odds of failure, which remain unusually high for startup companies. This is why he prefers to work with companies during the earliest stages of their formation; it allows him to instill some of the most reliable structures during the critical phase of the business’s organization.


By taking preventative measures during this period of time, he is effectively reducing the probability of failure. It took many years of trial and iteration for him to develop the tools and techniques that are capable of accomplishing this objective. His techniques and methodologies for assisting new companies are unparalleled. He uses proven methods in order to help these new organizations survive the most critical years during their startup phase. He synthesized these methods into a format that is easy to use. Consultation services are available through LaunchPad Holdings, and this gives new business leaders an opportunity to experience the power of this system directly.


Consultation and SAAS from LaunchPad


This company provides clients with powerful conceptual tools to use during daily operations. This is partially accomplished by consultation services. It is also accomplished through the implementation of his signature software as a service, or SAAS. By designing a software toolkit to serve as an assistant to new entrepreneurs, he is leading the next generation off visionary business leaders who can now benefit from the knowledge contained within this software product. This platform is the tool for business owners who understand the importance of converting a great idea into a workable plan.


The software will lead the business owner through a series of questions and situations in order to solidify key concepts and create a template for implementation. The software toolkit is also capable of generating a usable report at the end of the sessions, and this document can be used as a presentation for raising funds. Investors can come from a variety of sources, but they all respond to visually presented information. Showing prospective investors the idea behind the business is not always easy, but it can make the difference in whether the owner succeeds in raising startup capital or not. Glen Wakeman believes that this process should not be left to chance, and his software platform enables clients to present their idea in a format that is understandable to any potential investor.


Here is a summary of his signature five-step method:


  1. Risk Management: Deciding which risks are worth taking is a critical skill for any business leader. Risk takes many different forms; it can be a choice to hire a key employee, or it could be a decision about outsourcing or marketing.


  1. Human Capital: The productivity of any enterprise depends on the quality of the human capital. Employees have the capacity to determine the direction of the company, so the choice of key employees should be made with the same level of seriousness as the issue of reinvesting revenues.


  1. Leadership Development: The business is only capable of performing at a competitive level when the leadership team is fully utilized. This stage also prepares various members of the organization to be able to handle the changes that are about to occur.


  1. Implementation: This is the most difficult stage for any organization because it involves putting ideas into action. Glen’s method allows great concepts to be formatted in a way that can be implemented by the members of an organization. This is also called the execution phase, and the basic idea is to integrate various aspects of the company including technology and various working processes.


  1. Governance: Maintaining the benefits of these changes requires a solid plan for governance. This is a critical step in the plan for long-term solvency. This is also a critical stage for growth because it permits the current employees to express dissent in a way that is constructive and even valuable.


Glen Wakeman’s Education, Background


Glen Wakeman is an experienced executive, investor, mentor and writer. He is committed to assisting small businesses during various phases of their growth cycle. He served in several capacities over two decades with General Electric and GE Capital. He worked in several areas of leadership during this time period. He also served as the president and founder of Nova Four, which targets growing companies for development and capital-raising activities. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the University of Scranton, and he earned his MBA degree from the University of Chicago.


Glen Wakeman is committed to serving the needs of companies that are at risk of failing. This high failure rate is often due to structural problems that are not detected during the critical period of the first years of the company’s formation. His methods allow companies to take advantage of his extensive experience in leadership roles of large companies as well as his insights into the unique problems that face small businesses. By assisting these entrepreneurs in a way that provides them with an action plan for raising capital, Glen Wakeman is essentially tackling the hardest aspect of the small business right from the beginning. His innovative software toolkit was designed to streamline this process as much as possible. Glen Wakeman is available for consultations through LaunchPad Holdings, LLC.

More about consultation services at

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