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Glen R. Wakeman is an entrepreneurial guru known for his novel ideas and energetic spirit. In addition to his 21 years of service as a manager, Glen Wakeman is a financial services executive, the Cheif Executive Officer (CEO), small business entrepreneur, personal investor, mentor, board member, and writer.


Glen Wakeman enjoys helping businesses improve and wants to see more entrepreneurs achieve success. He believes in helping individuals develop their gifts. Glen Wakeman has developed his own technique to assess and improve five different areas of job performance including leadership skills, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.


Glen Wakeman already knew that he wanted to excel in business even as a young college student. He earned an undergraduate degree at the University of Scranton where he majored in the fields of finance and economics. He then went on to earn an MBA at the prestigious University of Chicago.


In addition to his leadership skills, Glen Wakeman is a talented writer. He is passionate about the challenges involved in having a creative mind. Glen Wakeman enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and offers unique insights when approached about his views on international markets. His writings include tips about strategic planning, management, and administration.

As the CEO and founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, Glen Wakeman helps beginning entrepreneurs learn how to become more organized. His innovative software service helps people living in different parts of the United States and is gaining in popularity.


The LaunchPad ToolKit includes a wide array of helpful tips for entrepreneurs who are in the process of developing their own companies. The unique kit is supported by a team of professionals. Glen Wakeman hopes that his LaunchPad ToolKit will help struggling entrepreneurs grasp the finer details about how to manage their businesses.


Glen Wakeman is the president and founder of Nova Four, a business accelerator used to provide strategic guidance for entrepreneurs in developing countries. Additionally, he is an avid CEO coach and enjoys performing his duties as a board member. He has achieved both national and international recognition as an accomplished leader and is committed to helping businesses become more socially responsible.


As the former CEO of GE Money Latin America, Glen Wakeman expanded a small, nine-country start-up operation that has managed to attain $12 billion in assets. He participated in a number of impressive business partnerships, developed numerous innovative products and created a network with more than 1,000 branches. Glen Wakeman has resided in six different countries and is responsible for managing businesses located in more than 30 countries.

In a recent interview, Glen Wakeman answered important questions about his basic concepts as an experienced entrepreneur. Here are a few excerpts:


How did you first think of the concept for LaunchPad Holdings, LLC?


I always enjoyed matching ideas with money. I noticed that numerous excellent ideas stemmed from creative start-ups. However, I did not comprehend the reason that so many beginning entrepreneurs experienced failure. After further investigation, I realized that most of the ideas lacked structure. People did not seem to understand that ideas are not actual plans. Entrepreneurs need to put their ideas into action. Consequently, I decided to design my LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a software platform for beginning entrepreneurs.


What is your method for bringing new concepts to life?


I bring new concepts to life when I offer explanations to other people. Offering an explanation gives me the chance to organize my thoughts so that I have ample time to think about the ideas and transform them into reality. When I pronounce my idea out loud, I immediately know whether it is a good or bad concept. Everyone gets excited about the possibility of changing the concept into a real product or service whenever my mind thinks of an incredibly good idea. It is important to find employees who offer opposing views about my concepts and explain the reasons that they oppose the ideas.

Is there a Habit that Triggers your Creativity?

I have always been a curious person. I want to know how to solve problems. I believe that my curious nature is my best characteristic. My curiosity permits me to think about ideas in an innovative way. My customers appreciate exciting, intriguing new ideas. I believe that understanding the inner workings behind concepts enables me to bring them to life.


What types of activities are on your daily schedule?


I start my day by looking at the numbers from the previous day. I want to see all the figures including sales, cash receipts, and service performance. My business partner and I assume different tasks for the day. I might spend several hours attending sales meetings and managing administrative duties while my partner might spend time paying all the bills and working on revisions. I want to emphasize the idea that trust is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business (


We are both involved in studying consumer trends, reading questions from customers, answering emails, looking at the activities of our top competitors and making general plans about everything in life. I enjoy drinking a cup of strong coffee or a margarita at the end of a typical workday.


Did you ever have a job that you hated?


No, I did not hate my work even when I had to clean bathrooms for an automobile parts factory. I had to clean dirty toilets and mop the filthy floors. However, I needed to earn money to pay for my college tuition and books. Consequently, I learned a valuable lesson from cleaning bathrooms. I discovered that even the most menial type of work offers the worker a positive feeling of self-worth. I have never regarded any career or job opportunity as worthless or irrelevant. Every chance to learn new skills and overcome a weakness is a golden opportunity for success.


What is the one item you value that boasts a $100 price tag?


I once spent approximately $100 on a Berlitz Spanish language course. I had always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish and the extensive course was relatively inexpensive. The course helped me appreciate other cultures that were radically different from my own cultural background.


Learning to speak Spanish enabled me to comprehend other people and their thought processes. Plus, taking the course gave me a desire to travel and visit other countries around the world. In fact, my lovely wife is from Argentina, and the course enabled me to have the courage to ask her for a date. The course was one of the most valuable items I ever purchased.

More about Glen Wakeman at

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