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DailyForex Fundamental & News

UK Deficit Below Target

Britain is not a member of the single European currency and will not become one in the foreseeable future.

Kiwi Dollar Surges on Hawkish Rhetoric

The New Zealand Dollar soared broadly during the Asian trading session following comments made by officials of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand which left no room for uncertainty that the central bank intends to hike interest rates further in the near future in an effort to stave off inflationary pressures.

UK Government To Illuminate Darker Side Of Capitalism

The UK’s coalition government’s business secretary, Vince Cable, has announced plans to make it easier to identify the individuals that are the major shareholders of companies based in the UK.

Aussie Dollar Tumbles on CPI News

As reported at 1:20 p.m. (JST) in Tokyo, the AUD/USD dropped 0.9% to trade at $0.9286, moving well off the 5-month peak struck earlier this month when the pair hit $0.9461.

Japan’s Deficit Quadrupules

Japan’s trade deficit has increased fourfold in March in comparison to the position in March 2013.
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Recent Forex News

Technical Analysis

USD/ZAR: Is the Recent Bounce Just Another "False Dawn" for Bulls?
Two weeks ago, we highlighted the potential for a bottom to form near 10.35 on USD/ZAR. As it turned out, the pair did find floor near the highlighted level, and rates have since rallied back up to test the 10.60 level. That said, a much more important technical test looms
US Crude Oil Fundamentals Point to Lower Prices
The price of crude remains supported almost entirely by concerns over geopolitical tensions in Ukraine and Libya. After all, one would have expected oil prices to be much lower than they actually are given the excessive supply of US oil and weaker demand. Nine months of blockages at oilfields and
Forex Technical Analysis
Yesterday's rise failed to break beyond 1.3863 resistance and the intraday bias is slightly bearish, risking one more downswing to 1.3780 support area. On the mid-frames the outlook remains positive, for a break through 1.3863, en route to 1.3966.
Dollar/Yen Lags, Reflecting U.S. Stocks Dip
On Wednesday Dollar/Yen decreased with 50 pips. The currency couple depreciated from 102.70 to 102.16 yesterday, matching the negative money flow sentiment at under -11%, closing the day at 102.50. This morning the Dollar is trading quietly against the Yen, with movements at the lower half of yesterday's range for now.
Technical Analysis for Major Currencies
The pair failed to breach 1.3850 and stabilize above it yesterday weakening the upside move. By examening RSI 14, we notice slight weakness despite that its still stable above line 50, as Stochastic tends to be neutral despite that its signal lines are trading above line zero.

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Fundamental Analysis

USD/CAD - Listless As US Posts Mixed Numbers
Thursday is looking like more of the same for the Canadian dollar, which has stayed close to the 1.10 line throughout the week. USD/CAD is trading close slightly above the 1.10 level in Thursday's North American session. In economic news, key US releases were a mix. Unemployment Claims came in
NASDAQ: What Bubble?
Earlier this month it looked like stocks were about to hit the skids on the backs of fears about a bubble, particularly in the technology sector. However, in the last 24 hours the view has changed markedly. Both Facebook and Apple announced monster profits. Facebook saw revenues increase by a
AUD/USD - Aussie Under Pressure As Markets Eye US Unemployment Claims
AUD/USD continues to post losses on Thursday, as the pair trades in the mid-0.92 range late in the European session. The Aussie has taken a tumble, losing over 100 points since Tuesday. In Thursday releases, US Unemployment Claims came in well above the estimate, while Core Durable Goods Orders soared
US Durable Goods Orders Jumped 2.6% in March; Initial Claims Rose Last Week
New orders for durable goods jumped 2.6% in March, building on a 2.1% increase in February that followed a 1.4% drop in January and a 5.3% plunge in December. Part of the headline increase resulted from a 4.0% rise in transportation orders that reflected, in part, a 5.3% increase in
USD/JPY - Flat Ahead of US Key Data
USD/JPY is listless in Thursday trade, as the pair continues to trade in the mid-102 range early in the North American session. On the release front, Japanese Corporate Services Price Index met expectations. We'll get a look at the most primary gauge of Japanese inflation, Tokyo Core CPI, later in

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